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Tuesday Tips: No time to blog? Yes, you do!

15 Jun

After a wonderful yoga class this morning at The Ventura Yoga Studio where we focused on shoulder and hand stretches which help with carpal tunnel syndrome and “mouse-itis” and did headstand using the Great Yoga Wall, I mentioned to studio owner and teacher Bryan Legere that I’d left a flyer on his desk for the blogging workshop I’m teaching Saturday June 19 at Bell Arts Factory. In addition to owning the Ventura Yoga Studio and  The Great Yoga Wall, he is a Sunrider distributor. While he has traditional websites, they lack blogs, so I suggested he join us for a  workshop to learn how to blog for his business if not June 19, at our next workshop July 2.

“Oh, no thank you,” Bryan said. “I don’t have time to blog.”

Aha! Of course not! I realized in a flash an important point about blogging for small business owners: most probably feel like Bryan that blogging is one more thing to do, one more thing that takes away time from something else, something that may not directly and immediately contribute to the bottom line.

I looked around the Ventura Yoga Studio at Bryan’s flyers for upcoming workshops, at his magnificent Great Yoga Wall, and his shelves of Sunrider products, books, t-shirts, and other merchandise.

“You know Bryan, you’ve already done most of the work. Blogging is as easy as (more…)