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Tues Tip: Inspiration & Perspiration “We write to taste life twice” Anais Nin

1 Jun

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospection.” Anais Nin

Pictured is the famous French diarist and erotic author Anais Nin in a bank vault with her many journals. These were subsequently published as a series of diaries and which she mined for a number of books.

Starting today June 1, we intend to post on this site every day, Monday through Friday. We want to offer an eclectic mix of  ideas, tips, links, and writing prompts which will help you as a writer, as a small business owner, or as an individual seeking to connect with his or her creativity–words that inspire you to put in the perspiration it might take to taste life twice. That’s why today’s post is the first in a series of quotes under the title “Inspiration & Perspiration.”

While I love the insights of this quote by Anais Nin, I have to admit I disagree: (more…)