Ojai WordFest: 3/25 Be Well Read! Join Poetry Boot Camp 3/26 with Danika!

25 Mar

I’ve been keeping so busy with Ojai WordFest readings and writing workshops! Here’s an update on how it’s all going and what’s to come including information on Danika Dinsmore’s “Poetry BootCamps” scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday, from 9-noon and 2-5pm. I strongly recommend that you attend one or both–they are not just for poets but for anyone who wants a jump start on creativity and some tricks for when the muse steps out of the room!

Ojai WordFest: Be Well Read 3/25! Join Poetry Boot Camp 3/26 with Danika! Ojai WordFest Update! I won the Ojai WordFest slam on Wednesday with my team mate Danika Dinsmore hot on my heals! The event was lots of fun and newby host Georgia Menides did great (with a little tutoring on hosting from Danika and I!) Georgia’s a natural at hosting and I hope she does more. Last night’s Living Room Style Open Mic reading at Big Buddha Lounge also went really well. Danika and I co-hosted it and we had nearly 2 dozen people in at … Read More

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