Why I Love WordPress; Why I Teach WordPress

6 Jan

Is one of your New Year’s Resolutions to explore social media and learn what it can do for you?

Yesterday I had two meetings with two very different people about how to use various social media platforms for business and pleasure.

Both are comfortable with facebook and understand the basics of how to use it for themselves. One had a twitter account but didn’t do much with it beyond broadcasting links to products (which is basically kind of spammy) and the other thought it was only a place where people posted about what they had for lunch. Both were curious about blogging and whether it might be a worthwhile endeavor.

Our sessions were incredibly productive, satisfying, and rewarding for them and for myself. One person I knew quite well already and we were able to jump right in while with the other person we spent some time getting to know each other to learn how social media might be useful and how we might work together. Both learned quite a bit more about facebook, twitter, and blogging.

Whenever I talk about blogging, I talk about WordPress. While there are many different platforms out there, and sometimes people who I talk to already are on one of them.

But I’m convinced WordPress is the best blogging platform out there whether you’re looking for something that’s free or you’re going to host a blog or website yourself. The result is that both are very interesting in learning the basics of blogging. Since so much of it is introductory, it makes sense to offer another class on blogging using WordPress. Watch for more news on that soon.

A few of my reasons for using WordPress:

easy and intuitive

beautiful, flexible, graceful easy to read themes

open-source supportive helpful community

intuitive and easy

nice people

Watch the video and you’ll learn more!


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