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Keeping Track of Friends, Unfriends & Twitter Followers

17 Nov

(Note: some people may find this video hilarious. Others may find it offensive. Don’t watch it if you have your doubts!)

According to a facebook friend (and subscriber to this blog, thank you, you know who!), Jimmy Kimmel has announced it’s National “Delete FB Friends Day” today.

To quote my source’s facebook status: “My sword is sharp, and my patience is limited. Love to all. May THE FORCE be with you.”

How do you decide who to keep and who to cut on facebook and twitter? Since this is a business and writing oriented blog, I’m not going to stray too far into advice, especially since I’m torn by a “ya’ll come” approach to my own friends and a “do I really need more than 600 friends?” I wonder how many is too many, how many is enough, how many is just right. (What are your parameters?)

I can’t imagine having too many friends on my business page of course! If you haven’t done so yet, please click the find me on facebook link and join us over there!

So far I’m accepting just about everyone who is a legitimate person as a facebook friend, not some bot. I have hidden people who have politics that make me angry or who do nothing but post the same status update promoting their business over and over. So far, I may not have actually unfriended anyone. That may change later on tonight! There’s a few people that I find annoying and I’m wondering why I continue to be friends with them when they never comment on my posts and I don’t see anything that they offer worth commenting on and sharing.

I have, however, been unfriended. Yes, even though I have a Klout score of 39 (bigger is better and it has been as high as 41!) and my influence is in the 70th percentile and my friends tell me they like the content I share, I have indeed been unfriended. (There was a steady stream there after the Women’s Conference! Okay, maybe 5.)

So how do I know I’ve been unfriended, you wonder? By using an app, of course–the unfriend app! If you want to learn more about unfriend finding, here’s the link to their facebook page:

While I haven’t done any unfriending yet today, I did do a little Twitter house cleaning by using Twitter Karma to see who follows me back. I found about 200 people who don’t and I unfollowed most of them. Now what I need to do is follow the people who have faithfully followed me and who deserve to be followed back.

Please follow me on twitter! The link is in the sidebar. @ me a message with who you are and I’ll be sure to follow you back!