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Tuesday Tips: Make It Personal

16 Nov

Yesterday, my college students and I were debating how technology could be used to isolate or to connect people. One of my students is doing his research paper on this topic and it sparked a discussion on the benefits of old fashioned snail mail.

Most of the students agreed that it is nice it is to receive a bonafide letter or card in the mail–that it makes the recipient feel special compared to a flurry of facebook messages or emails or ecards. One student and I shared how much we appreciated receiving cards of sympathy when we each recently lost a loved one.

As regular readers of this blog may have surmised, I am a big fan of Jodi Womack, organizer of No More Nylons Women’s Business Socials. She has a great big friendly smile and she generates a positive energy around her.

We had lunch not that long ago and I learned more about this amazing woman who is committed to connecting women AND with her degree in environmental studies, an understanding of the importance of businesses moving in a “green” direction. Then last week, we sat beside each other for Seth Godin’s talk in LA and during breaks, excitedly shared ideas, thoughts, and comments.

I know that Jodi is a big fan of personal connections and following up on meetings by sending cards. So I shouldn’t have been surprised the other day, when I received an a scenic card from her by snail mail. In it, she said she was impressed with me and how I showed up to hear Seth even when I wasn’t sure how I was going to attend his talk.

Wow! I’m still smiling and glowing! In fact, I’ll be glowing all the way to Ojai for the Nov. 17′s Women’s Business Social from 8-10am at the Oaks!

Need a little more notice to make tomorrow’s event? Put next month’s gathering on your calendar now: Dec. 16 at the Ojai Valley Inn. It will be all decked out for the holidays and I am sure it will be a festive evening.