From Goin’ with Godin to A Wild Mustang Marketing Ride

10 Nov

Still processing yesterday’s inspirational adventure with Seth Godin (more on that soon!), I set out first thing this morning for a marketing workshop organized by ArtsLive for non-profit arts organizations and featuring ideas from Mustang Marketing as well as Tyler Suchman on using online media and Colleen Cason on print media.

And why was I there? I’m a writing coach, right? Not an arts non-profit.

I was there because I have worked with two non-profit arts organizations, Art City and Bell Arts, I am interested in working with more artists, and I am a co-creator of a arts and activism non-profit, the San Buenaventura ArtRiders Bicycle and Social Club (that’s the link to where I blog about our exploits on bikergo gal.)

I learned a few tricks and shared a few too. I’ll be post some of what I learned here next week.

Plus keep an eye out for more about what I learned yesterday from Seth Godin. I’ll probably get that posted next week because I’m taking a few days off from blogging and being online to celebrate my son’s birthday. We’re going camping at the beach.

I might get something up tomorrow about Veteran’s Day. We’ll see.

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