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Listening to Seth Godin in LA: Part 2

9 Nov

Seth Godin’s goal today is make us uncomfortable.

Most of the people have left. A few of us are here crowded together in the first few rows of this large lecture hall.

He’s sitting on the lip of the stage. This is an experiment, he says. He’s never tried this model. We’re going to ask questions, and he’s going to tell stories.

And in the process, he hopes to make us uncomfortable.

More notes from today’s talk in LA to come.

Tues Tips: Seth Godin Talks in LA at The Drucker Biz Forum

9 Nov

Who has succeeded in the past 10 years? Businesses that are doing business in a new way using permission marketing, a term Seth Godin coined.

I’m in downtown LA at the Drucker Business Forum’s talk between Seth Godin and Lisa Napoli.

Mostly it’s Seth talking. Unfortunately, the sound in hear is very echo-y and poor.

But I’m in the house! And I’m taking notes-which I will share with you along the way.

What are selling? A product? Or ourselves. We are all selling something, so everyone is a marketer according to Seth–if marketing is telling a story that people will hear: hire us, buy our product, our story.

What’s our impediments from marketing ourselves?

Seth has a bag of tricks on the stage. He’s pulled out (more…)