Gwendolyn Alley Selected for Women’s Conference Style Network Makeover

8 Sep

I don’t think of myself as the auditioning for a reality show type of person.

Yet that’s what I found myself doing nearly three weeks ago when I was nominated by Tea Silvestre of Women’s Economic Ventures for a makeover by the Style Network show “How Do I Look?” hosted by Jeannie Mai. The big “reveal” is slated to be held on the Main Stage of the Women’s Conference as part of the Day of Transformation and Healing with Maria Shriver interviewing the lucky winner about her business.

That’s right, this was too good of an opportunity to pass up. I mean, Maria Shriver? Talking with me about my business in front of thousands of women? That’s got to be the ULTIMATE networking event!

So I drove down to LA and auditioned. I talked about myself, and WEV and why I was nominated. I told lots of stories, probably revealing way too much about myself as I made the casting director laugh and cry. I brought a huge suitcase full of clothes and held them up and told stories about them too.

And then I waited and waited and waited to hear the results–which I got today when the casting director Jill called to tell me I’d been selected!

As you can imagine, I am VERY excited! I mean, Maria Shriver? Hello? Deepak Chopra will be there and Tony Robbins and Carol Gilligan and one of my favorite poets Mary Oliver and Sally Fields and Suze Orman! Oh, and OPRAH! And 10,000 women a day will be attending!

I’m still not too clear on the details, what’s expected, and what’s going to happen, which makes me a little nervous. I don’t even know yet if they will be giving me a ticket to attend the conference or if someone can go with me! (Sorry, I’ve already asked my sister, my friend Kathy, and my husband! But it is my 6 year old son who is the most excited!)

I don’t even know if they are going to film a whole reality episode or what!

I do know that I’ll get a haircut and at least one outfit. I’ve been asked to keep my schedule as open and flexible as I can from now until the Women’s Conference Oct. 24-26 so they can work with me. I know they want me to keep those three days free of the conference, and that a producer will be calling me next week to arrange for a film crew to shoot “B” roll here in Ventura.

What? Shoot “B” roll in Ventura? Better get my house clean! Is there time to redo my floors in cork before they show up?

They may even join us on an ArtRide…

The moral of the story here, or perhaps the lesson here for you, is to just say “yes” and be ready for anything! At least that’s what I think it is so far!

The Women’s Conference 2010 October 24-26: The Nation’s Premier Forum for Women, Long Beach Convention Center.

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